Cookie Argument

The last argument was over cookies between my husband and I.

It was a miscommunication really, a simple misunderstanding that decided the fate of dessert that night.

Some people fight over finances. Fortunately, both my husband and I try to be very frugal, especially with the way the economy is going right now. Sometimes we try to forecast and splurge on something that will be going up in the future in order to save money in the long run.

That’s what we did with our well. We saw prices were probably going to go up, and it was rumored tighter well restrictions were going to be put in place where we live. At the time, we had about 2/3s of our plants in the ground; the nail in the coffin was when our water district was fixing to go up in price. We decided to take the plunge on the well and save on future water bills. That investment paid off.

Some people fight over children. We both love our fur babies tremendously, even though I had less love when Emma stuck her butt out of her dog cage and shat canine liquids all over the floor. My husband was the first to arrive home from work that day; he told me all the other animals, our cats and our other dog Sammy, were pressed up against the door to try to get as far away from the smell as possible. To his credit, he cleaned up the mess and Emma before I got home. In return I am in charge of cleaning up any cat throw-up that happens. My husband has an ear for odd sounds, so at night he wakes me up whenever he hears a cat regurgitating and I go clean it up before one of the dogs eats it (which sometimes happens anyway).

We generally fight over miscommunication. Back to the cookies.

At the grocery store my husband pointed out the cookie dough was on sale. He grabbed chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip, while I grabbed sugar cookie dough. Over the next couple of weeks we blew through the dough, first starting with his until there was only a little left of the chocolate chip and all of my sugar.

So I ask him one night if he wants cookies again. He says yes, and I go and bake my sugar cookies. I then bring out a fresh plate of warm cookies and with an incredulous gaze he asks why didn’t I cook the chocolate chip? I answered that he didn’t specify what cookies for me to bake so I made mine. After we went back and forth for a few he then tried one of my sugar cookies and actually found it tasty. The next day I noticed he’d taken some of my sugar cookies to work with him.

This was a very miniscule argument in the grand scheme of things. But communication is very critical to any relationship, so we try to clarify for each other as often as possible. Sometimes we do well; other times not so much.

What have you argued about lately? 

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