Concrete vs Rain

The weather can be crazy sometimes.

A few weeks ago my husband and I hired someone to extend our back patio and replace our paver stone walkways with concrete walkways. 

Ah yes, the paver stones. My husband got the bulk of them on sale for less than a dollar a piece when we were living at our old house. We used them to build a second storage driveway next to the house to not break the city rules of having a trailer on the grass. Worked out well. 

When we moved we took the paver stones with us and built walkways in the front yard and an extended back porch. There they contributed to the household for about four years. 

This year we decided to have everything concreted (mostly because the grass was starting to overtake the paver stones and bury them under the weeds). We sold a big portion of those trusty paver stones and piled up the rest. Soon the ground was cut open and forms were laid.

And then it rained for a whole week. 

Before it had been blistering hot, a perfect setup to have the concrete poured and allow it to dry quickly. But alas, the weather gods were not with us on this project.

So the forms still sit, muddy as quicksand, as we wait for the clouds to stop weeping.

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