Bypassing Small Stuff

One night after work my husband went into the attic to drill some holes through the ceiling and attach fancy internet repeaters. I was in the living room surfing on my tablet while listening to the drill working its way through the different locations in the ceiling: the bedroom and other rooms in the house. His goal was to put enough up throughout that we would have a killer internet connection wherever we walked.

Then I noticed some dust falling from the ceiling. The drill came through directly above the coffee table in front of me, snowing white flakes on the brown wood. They even fell into my drink.

Here I was, reading an interesting post and almost get dusted by the drill bit. I took it in stride, waited for him to hook up the repeater, and cleaned off the table when he finished. I also got myself a new glass and drink.

Have you ever had something unexpected happen? A little jolt in your day, a small blip that you could have gotten really mad about; being angry might have changed the outcome of your course for the moment.

But just because something weird or out of place happens does not mean it will ruin the day. Learn to focus on the bigger picture and don’t fret the small stuff. You’d be surprised how much more fluid the day goes.

Writing update: I’ve finished my short story horror collection and am getting it ready for beta readers. I also have my witchy book 1 for M.G. Spear and a creature cat book for M.G. Rorai in the editing phase. I have one wip I’m currently writing on and am looking for another project for my slight cat obsession I’ve got going on over at M.G. Rorai. I’m open to any suggestions you guys might have.

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