Backup Plans for Dragons

I remember giving face-to-face lab tests. The stations are set up around the lab room, and the students move from question to question with their blank answer sheets while I monitor to make sure no one cheats.

Everything comes down to the line: all their studying, all their efforts, to do well on this lab exam and maintain a good grade for the class. They’ve attended study sessions, put the hours in burning the midnight oil (I hope), and are confident they will do well.

What a great attitude to have when approaching an obstacle. To know that you are as prepared as you can be, and ready to give it your all to slay that dragon.

Sometimes the dragon wins though.

Sometimes you think you are prepared enough, and then a curve ball is thrown in and anxiety starts chipping away at your confidence. Sweat starts to form as you think, “What should I do? What should I put?”

There are times in life where your best won’t be good enough. Life isn’t like the movies where the hero always wins. Sometimes the hero loses, and loses badly.

I write this in kind of nervous anticipation. I have a lot of cards in play, a lot of strategic moves churning away, and I’m a little nervous. Which hand will be dealt? Will my work and efforts be good enough?

Even if they aren’t, I have backup plans in place. Always have backup plans in place, because you just never know.

Morale of the post: don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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