A dark and stormy red dot

One Friday night a bad storm was coming, like possibly tornado, and we packed go bags, laid out flashlights, and gathered the cat carrier and leashes to prepare in case we had to flee. I know most of you are probably saying right now you should wait in your house until the storm is over. My husband was adamant we would speed away through the night if a tornado was headed for our house because when he was younger his family did that, and their house got demolished—no one might have survived if they had stayed.

Anyways, when we pull out flashlights my husband happens to find one with a laser pointer on it. So of course he starts pointing it on the floor and on the furniture and the cats go nuts over it. Socks is running all over creation to catch that red dot; Elsa and Rambo gave up after about five minutes. The dogs could have cared less (some dogs get super hyped up from lasers, but Sammie and Emma were just like nah—pass.).

When we moved to the bedroom, my husband shined the laser on the opposite end of the house through the door, and Socks chased after it. As soon as he got to the dot, my husband would speed it back to the bedroom. After a few jaunts of this Socks started to pant.

All the while, the storm came. The wind howled outside while the clouds swirled menacingly, but no tornado was spotted. After the worst past we relaxed and cuddled with the tired kitties on the bed. I was so happy the worst that happened was Socks not being able to catch the red dot.

Always prepare for the worst, but try to have fun until something happens.

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