96. Dream Day: Flying to survive

Waaaay back in the day, when I was in grad school and under a lot of stress and pressure, I had a lot of vivid dreams. I recalled them pretty decently, so I decided to make a dream journal and record them all. I rediscovered the journal last week and decided to polish them up and share them with you. Some are interesting, some are intense, and some don’t make any sense. I am not going to try to interpret them, but leave that up to your imagination.

The following dream has been edited for clarity, while still having that rambling dream sensation. This was the first one I ever recorded, on 5-16-06:

My two sisters and I were in a church with Sam Beckett, that guy from the Quantum Leap show, and a small boy. There were two sets of Sam and the boy, and they were telling us something. We were trying to figure out how to pour a copper looking liquid into a small tower that turned. You had to match up the holes in each level of the tower in order for the liquid to go to the bottom. We finally figured it out and left the church.

Outside I recognized my surroundings (I think I had seen this in another dream) and we were staring at a wooden fence with thick brush and trees on the other side. I said some kind of shuttle was supposed to crash through the thicket, but I guess it hadn’t happened yet. Then it fell from the sky and crashed. I went to investigate while they went to look for a car. There was a huge hole in the brush but no sign of the thing that had crashed. I only found a small red book. I flipped through the worn pages and heard some people shouting and yelling and instantly knew they were after us. I hurried to the road where my sisters were yelling at me in a jeep looking vehicle with the back open. I run and jump inside, and we drive away from our pursuers.

Next thing I know we’ve been captured and put into a room with fold-up chairs. Now it’s my mom, my middle sister, and I. I get mad and throw a couple of chairs around but then start stacking them in the corner. I reach the ceiling and pop one of the ceiling tiles. I then push against the roof and it peels away like aluminum. I see that we are in a desert now with mountains in the distance. My relatives push through the hole after me and I say if we can make it to the mountains, we should be ok.

So, we find a ladder and sneak down. I can hear the bad guys on the other side of the building. We start running and they hear us. My mom is in front, my sister is behind, and I’m in the middle. We’re halfway to the mountains. I tell my mom I’m gonna try to fly ahead and she says no but I do it anyway. I jump up and start flapping my arms, getting a little higher each time. I am not gaining that much altitude, so I flap harder and my arms and fingers stretch out like wings and soon I am soaring over the mountains. I fly over to see what’s on the other side and there’s only a column of doors with writing. I can see it’s my handwriting and they each say I went through a certain door when something happened. The last one says I went through when my middle sister died. I turn around to see she is being captured by the enemy. One guy takes his gun and shoots her in the head. I scream and fly through the door.

            The room is very dark and suddenly I am waking up and getting ready for school. I open my door and there is a skinny kid with short blond hair and big glasses, and he tells me that I must kill my best friend, or the mafia will kill my family. I don’t know if he is real because no one else is around so I push him aside and walk to school. After class when I am walking with my bestie he appears again, and I ask her if she sees him. She says no and I grab the kid by the hair and pull my knife. I’m trying to position my knife to slit his throat, but he is squirming a little. My bestie is alarmed and says that yes, she does see him, and I say are you sure and I start to cry when she says yes. I release the kid and cut my best friend’s throat. I am heartbroken and the mob keeps using me as one of their assassins, still threatening to kill my family.

            I finally realize it’s a dream and realize that the black room I flew into was a testing room for the guys that were chasing us and I have a virtual helmet on showing me this dream and I pull it off and crash through the door I had flown threw earlier and am back in the desert but everything is deserted. I wake up realizing that my best friend knows where my family lives now and if she ever has a reason to hurt me, she knows where they are.

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