75. Doggies

My husband has two black Labradors: Sammy and Emma.

Sammy came first from his Grandmother. She found Sammy on the side of the road, abandoned at the tender age of around 3 weeks. When my husband had his first back surgery, his Grandmother came up to help out and brought Sammy with her.

My husband couldn’t do much, but fortunately Sammy loved to play fetch. He would sit on the couch and toss a ball for hours, and she would always bring the ball back.

He had her trained to sit and shake paws at an early age as well. When my husband got better, he would take her for car rides and even out on his boat.

She is a great dog.

Emma, on the other hand, is a spastic licking machine.

We got her as a friend for Sammy, who was getting depressed just running around outside by herself. Emma was also a rescue from one of my husband’s friends, and we met them halfway to pick her up.

Sammy loved Emma instantly.

In some ways, they are opposites. Sammy is well behaved and patient, while Emma has a meltdown if you are not constantly petting her. Sammy can sit beside you and be perfectly content, but Emma has to lick you all the time so you will pet her.

I cannot tell you how super annoying it is to be working on something, and then feel this wet tongue slobber on you while you are trying to be focused.

Both are well trained now (except for Emma’s licking), and they make each other happy, and my husband happy.

As for me, I will stick to cats.

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