5. Googling for information

Photo by Hans Peter Gauster; quote from Pinterest

I love to Google the heck out of a subject and learn as much as I possibly can. I love the internet for that reason: I can get details on a subject down to the nitty gritty levels, and glean as much as I can to formulate a hypothesis and start experimenting.

Mostly my big, long term experiments stem around science topics (I have spent 4 years so far on transportation and fuel research), but I do have smaller projects that crop up here and there that seem easier to do. That’s how the Quick Draw Straw came about—it was an offshoot project, and there were several prototypes. But in the end, it actually worked, and I was super happy (It’s nice to know that sometimes, an experiment goes right). I have other inventions and projects underway, but I won’t go into more detail because none of it is to the point where it can be patented—once I get the patent pending status on them I will definitely let you know.

Just like Googling for a project, I Google the heck out of business topics and glean information to run my business better. I am just starting out, but I want to start out on the right foot. Do you Google a lot to find information? Does another strategy work better for you?

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