44. This is Halloween

Photo by David Menidrey; Quote found on Pinterest

Halloween 😊.

A day where people dress up and eat candy and carve pumpkins and have a great time. Some people consider this day mostly to be propaganda to sell candy and Halloween decorations, but I it is so much more than that.

I tend to think of Halloween as a time people wear masks. Not just scary monster masks, but superficial masks that show they are having a great time. Everyone wears a mask some of the time at work, friends, even family, just to cover up things that are bothering them or stuff they don’t want to talk about (skeletons in the closet—Halloween pun intended.)

Halloween is a time that it is acceptable for everyone to wear a mask and act like a good sport. And everyone seems happy, putting on costumes, eating candy, going to a haunted house or spookified bar, just living up that time where there seem to be no problems.

You hear the stories of people getting into fights at Christmas, or disagreements at Thanksgiving, but Halloween—it is almost required that people put on the mask, physically and figuratively, and no one asks questions.

When I was going through rough patches over the years, I always looked forward to Halloween, not just because of all the spooky decorations (which are awesome!), but because I felt more comfortable around people knowing they were all obliged to put on masks too and we would all go out and have a great time. Everyone got to pretend to be someone/something else. So to me, Halloween is about enjoying people’s company and not getting into fights or arguments or even nitpicking. It is very relaxing.

That might seem silly to some people. Other people love Christmas more, or even think Halloween is just the propaganda holiday. To each their own.

But let me end with this: you can’t beat walking down rows of carved pumpkins lit up at night and seeing a pumpkin dragon:

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Whichever deal you go for, I hope you have a spooktacular Halloween!

May the creepy be with you.

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