43. Learning new things

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann; Quote by Sophia Bush

I’ve been getting into Photoshop lately (as evidenced by some of the images in my book, Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1), and I’ve been having fun adding more to my repertoire and messing around. So now I spend some of my limited free time creating art. My stuff isn’t Picasso level or anything, but I find it to be a relaxing. Mostly I just adjust copyright free pictures, and occasionally make my own images. There is something to be said to be able to create a flesh-eating unicorn (if you’re interested it is an image in my Black Cat Scribbles collection).  

I love to learn. I like to soak up a lot of different things, especially if it will help me in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t learn everything well (I tried to learn computer programming once, and I have a hate/hate relationship with C++), but at least I try.

Some things I will never try: sky diving (because I am born to stay on the ground), taking an ice cold bath (because one time I got frostbite from walking around my workplace with a refrigerated soda can), and the cinnamon challenge (my husband did this to me once when we were dating. Never again.).

What have you been learning about lately, dear readers?

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Have a fangtastic day!

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