42. What you mind sees and start of the Halloween sale!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao; Quote paraphrased from Toni Morrison

Writing is kind of second nature to me. I really like doing it, and I consider it painting with words.

When I read or write something a movie plays across my mind. Because of that, I can read pretty fast, as long as an image is forming for me. Now with technical stuff, I have to read it slower, but eventually that image will come and I will understand what the author is trying to convey.

Now, my husband just sees words in his mind. He doesn’t really get an image associated with the word, and as a result, he doesn’t read as fast as I do, nor does he leave a lot of books. Lol, he is not my target audience.

I have the same thing go on with numbers—I just see the number, and it takes me a while to do math (I will definitely never have a career as an accountant). My husband sees numbers connect like puzzle pieces in his mind. They instantly break down in simpler ways to add them up—he is excellent at math.

What comes across your mind when you do something? Do images dance through your thoughts, or is it just plain black and white text?

It’s interesting how everyone’s brain works a little different, how their neurons fire for different paths.

Keep pursuing, dear readers.

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May the creepy be with you.

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