39. A blurb on Writer’s block & more about the upcoming Halloween sale on Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1!

Sometimes things are just dead in the water for a writer. You might have a plan, but that day you brain is telling you to go take a hike.

Writer’s block hits the best of us. For some people, they have a routine they get into, a setting that helps them relax and move their thoughts forward. I read about this one author once that had to sit at a specific desk all the time for best writing.

I like to sit on the couch and daydream. This is also how I get around a problem with my experiments. I let my thoughts dance across my brain, and usually they land on something I can use.

I use outlines sometimes (I’m a big list person). Occasionally my lists are just vague ideas I get randomly, written down to come back to at a future date when one of them seems to make a little more sense.

What do you do to get around writer’s block? Do you free write until an idea comes to you (I do this sometimes too)? Or do you have a more constructive plan in place to generate ideas?

Whatever you decide, choose the approach that works for you that meshes with your creativity. There are no wrongs paths to take.

I wrote Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1 over a few years. Sometimes I would get really awesome ideas, and sometimes I got so busy I didn’t have time to be creative. There was a period in my life where I was just working part time jobs (the most I had at one time was four), and I was soooo busy, much busier than I am now. Whenever I had free time I focused on doing mindless relaxing stuff just to recover. Now that I have a little more breathing room, I make my side hustles about my creativity. There are times when it flows like water; other times the well is dried up. On occasions it is overflowing so much that I write tons of material; other times weeks, even months can go by and I just take life in. Overall it balances itself out pretty well I think.

Halloween is just around the corner—check out Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1 today to prepare! Be ready to get spookified! The sale will start on Saturday, October 26th, 9:00am Central Time and end on Friday, Nov 1st, at 7:00am Central (because I have to get up early for work and don’t want to lose sleep ending the sale st midnight and be a zombie the next day). Grab some chills, enjoy the thrills!

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