12. Build on your strengths

Photo by Jungwoo Hong; quote by Arnold H. Glasow

I know nothing about cars. I am not as bad as the chick who splashes oil onto the engine to “put oil in the car,” but I can’t tell you how to fix a car. I can help you change a tire, but that’s about it.

My husband, on the other hand, knows tons of stuff about cars, and how to fix them. He does most of the maintenance work for our vehicles, and people even call him for advice on their cars. Did I mention he is badass at fixing cars?

Everyone has their forte—most people aren’t good at everything. Find your niche and run with it—build off your strengths.

 I am a tea fanatic. I drink a lot of tea daily, and I have gotten into blending my own flavors (that hopefully one day I will sell on Teazzed). I wanted brewed tea instantly and in bottles that I could reuse over and over throughout the day, so I invented something to fill my need. I combined my love of tea with my love for inventing and ran with it. The business is still a work in progress, but I am having fun with the process.

I also like writing, which is one of the reasons I started this blog. It’s still going well, I think, and hopefully it will continue on.

Have fun with whatever you decide to pursue. Make the journey just as fun as seeing the end result.

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