11. Slow times

Photo by Miguel Bruna; quote by Edwin Louis Cole

Sometimes things are just sloooow.

This is where patience comes in. This is why I have side projects going on with my main experiments. I haven’t found anything to be full steam all the time. Even prepping for my courses doesn’t take every second of the day. So my patience looks like I’m waiting on something, but in reality I am focusing my efforts on another project for the moment so I don’t have to constantly worry and fret over the thing I am waiting on.

Everything takes time. 99.9% of businesses aren’t built overnight. It took Edison over 1,000 times to try to get a light bulb to turn on. I guess the smartest person on the planet could answer questions and come up with solutions, but I bet they weren’t born the smartest person on the planet.

If everything happened right off the bat, more people’s businesses and ideas would be booming, and everyone would have their foot in the game. But reality is, everything takes time, and some people don’t want to wait. Most people love the end results, but they rarely hear about all the money spent and all the failed attempts to get to that end result.

 What are you striving for? What are you waiting on?

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