1. Everything doesn’t always work out the first time…

Everything is new in the beginning—so fresh, so pristine. You think, “This is going to be the one that works, a fresh new start, and everything will work out the first time.”

Tell me, dear readers, how many times has something worked out the first time for you?

I’ve always had ideas, but when I actually started experimenting to invent something, my first experiment failed, and I was super upset. Everything worked in theory, but the experiment still bombed. But I got over it, I kept on experimenting, and now I roll with the punches: it didn’t work; why didn’t it work; let’s tweak the next experiment so hopefully it will work the next time.

 Business can be like that. When I first started Teazzed, I was like, “Yeah! 1 million dollars by the weekend!” That didn’t happen, and I still roll with the punches, learning to do things better, and keep at it, continuously tweaking.

 This blog feels new and shiny. I am excited to write it, but I have my feet firmly planted in the ground and know that I am not going to get 1 million followers overnight. Now I am to the point as to just tell a lot of people about it, get the word out, and see what happens. Are you going to join me on my journey? Will this blog succeed, or will it go down in flames?

Stay tuned, dear readers. 


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