Work ethic on steroids: Would you like to go shopping?

Last week was a whirlwind of a week. I started out with a checklist for learning some new technology and working on my beta read feedback for my upcoming witch series, but rabbit trails took over.

First, did you know you can edit videos in Photoshop? While this wasn’t the technology I was planning on messing around with, I’ve gained a whole new perspective on Photoshop. I use it a lot to make images and ad stills, and last week I made my first video ever: a funny cat moment capturing one of the poems in my book Catnip, Toilet Paper, and Lasers. I may or may not mess with videos in the future, but it might be something fun to add on social media every once in a while.

Speaking of Photoshop, remember that book I published a while back called Motivation with Winged Cats? I manipulated all the images for that book and put some of the winged cat creations up for sale on my Red Bubble store. That happened about a year ago if I remember correctly, and I didn’t do a lot with the store.

This week I dusted it off, revamped the listings, added new ones, and included motivational quotes in the store as well. If you’re looking for unique gifts this holiday season and want to shop small business, check out my store. Stand out this season with winged cats.

I did a lot more things and came up with additional ideas I plan to share with you guys later. My work ethic carried me into Wednesday evening when family came into town and I called it a night. Rest and relaxation were in order for the remainder of the week. Then more family joined us on Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving. Great conversation and good food filled my house; there was plenty of leftovers when everyone left.

I wrapped up the weekend hanging with more family and getting my checklist back in order for the things I meant to do but got sidetracked on. I think I’m squared away leading up to the winter holidays—hopefully, I will complete everything I want before my next book launch.

Overall a productive week with just the right amount of fun included. Because what’s life without good company? Why work all the time without enjoying the moments you have with others?

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