2. This isn’t my day job.

Photo by Brigitte Ttohm; quote from Pinterest.

Entrepreneurship is actually my second side job. I have a full time job during the day, plus an evening job on some nights. I stay busy, stay organized so I don’t fall behind, and work my butt off to fund my experiments. I tend to have more time in the summers to focus on business, and do some major relaxing in my down time to refuel.

What do I do for a living, you may ask? I’m a teacher! College and high school, to be exact. A science teacher, to be more exact. I cannot do math correctly to save my life (thank goodness for calculators!), but I can tell you something sciency on the spot.


                        Glomerular filtration.


                                                     Photosystem II.

See? Sciency stuff.

And I loooove teaching. I love helping students understand science and show them tons of interesting things. I love answering questions. I love it when a great discussion sparks from a topic.

But I also have this urge to invent things, and run with them to completion, whether someone buys it or I start selling it, or it tanks and the blueprints stay in my notebook.

Do any of you all have passions that you pursue?

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