The Best Gift is a Book: Ideas to Give This Year

Did you know I recently posted my 200th blog post? It’s amazing how time flies. Like reading a good book.

To date, I’ve published nine books, with my relationship book getting tagged as a hot new release when it launched, and my funny cat book looking like the most popular holiday gift people are snagging for their online shopping.

If you’re looking for a new author to try, or a new book to give to the book nerd in your life, here’s a rundown of titles I currently have for sale:

Cat books (yes I looove cats):

Catnip, Toilet Paper, and Lasers. My bestseller. It’s a collection of funny cat stories told in verse that will leave you laughing and make you give your cat the side-eye. A wholesome, nice read that is sure to entertain over the holidays.

A Whiskered Perspective. This is a domestic thriller told from the cat’s point of view. While his owner thinks she has found love, Pumpkin the cat must help her navigate darker undertones. Family secrets and narcissistic deeds come to light as both Pumpkin and his owner Miller are thrust into the crosshairs. How much will be sacrificed? Will they get out in one piece?

Creature Cat Tales. This kid-centered book focuses on life lessons taught by various creature cats, such as mummy-cat, bat-cat, zombie-cat, and many more. They all come together to share their wisdom in a whimsical way and make learning fun. Plus the illustrations are soooo cute!

Motivation with Winged Cats. This started my love for making winged cat pictures and combining them with my other interest in quotes. I also added funny stories to give an overall positive experience when reading while looking at interesting pictures. I have some of these winged cat pictures, plus more that I made, for sale on various merchandise in my Redbubble store. These kitties on the cover are my husband’s favorite, and are also popular as a laptop cover.

Other books worth reading:

Green & Red Flags To Look For In a Relationship. When I first published this book it sold like hotcakes—everyone wanted a copy. It’s not a book for deep discussion, but rather warning signs broken down and explained. Plus some dating stories are thrown in here and there. I wrote this as a companion book to A Whiskered Perspective, since that book focused on dysfunctional relationships.

Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts. A horror short story collection sure to make you think twice about turning off the light at night. I originally published some of these stories in a different collection, but have since unpublished that. These stories are what spiders whisper about in the shadows.

Twist in the Void. Everyone has a story they want to tell, and this was mine. I wrote the skeleton of this horror thriller back around 2008ish, and did a major overhaul in 2019/2020 to get it ready to publish. Follow Shern as she navigates the dark corners of her mind, trying to figure out what’s real and not real, until it all blends together and she has no choice but to go through hell to face her demons. The Shadow man is after her, and doesn’t know if he’ll win, or if she will get her life back.

God is a Mob Boss. This is a different kind of religious book to explain things with a unique perspective. It’s not for everybody, but if you want more detail about the religious undertones hinted at in Twist in the Void feel free to take a peek. You might like what you find.

As for me, I’ve got half of my holiday shopping done so far—I’m so grateful for online shopping lol. How are you doing with your gift-giving this year? Are you bustling in and out of stores or are you mostly online like I am? Whatever your plans are, I hope you get everything done in time.  

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