Spooky Season 2021 Has Arrived

It is October, the most spooktacular season of all!

Pumpkins, skeleton flamingos, fall colors, cooler weather, and best of all, Halloween. Which means all the awesome spooky decorations are going to come popping out of their graves.

Last weekend I went to a craft show and saw some fangtastic handmade creations, mixed in with the traditional seasonal and non-seasonal décor. It seems like custom wooden signs were big this year. I ended up getting drawn to a woman who spent her free time knitting pumpkins and blankets. The pumpkins were so soft and I ended up bringing one home. I look forward to seeing more seasonal decorations this month.

There was also a cute black pumpkin that pulled on my gothic heartstrings, but I settled on getting some gourmet tea instead.

In my house, I have some Halloween décor that stays up year-round. It makes me happy looking at it; to compromise my husband gets to leave his tools out on the dining room table and I am only allowed to nag a little much about cleaning them up.

My office walls are partially filled with goth art and bat-cats. It’s comforting to be in the throes of science for my day job and be able to look up and be taken away by creativity. Even when I’m writing when I look at my artwork it gets me in that festive mood to keep typing away.

One of my winged cats I created when I was creating excess for my book, Motivation with Winged Cats. I had it printed on metal and hung in my office.

For some, winter gets them excited. Others the summer or spring is where it’s at. I think all the seasons have something to offer (except maybe winter because I am generally cold all the time anyway and don’t like to get even colder when the temperatures drop) but fall will always hold a special place in my heart because of Halloween, the best holiday ever.

I plan on celebrating this month by dropping two releases soon, Creature Cat Tales and Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts, hopefully starting in my next Monday blog. I’m doing some last-minute tweaking to the cover of Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts, but once that’s done, I will be publishing very soon to gear up for the Halloweeny season.

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