Keep on churning: Cover Reveals

Do you ever wish you have more time to accomplish everything?

Well, those rabbit trails that helped me start back up my store recently set me back on my Witchy trilogy. I’ve been going through my beta edits and I think I’m going to need more time to finish up this magickal adventure. Because of that, I am pushing back the launch date from January to February to give me time to go into overtime mode over the winter break. Hopefully, I will be able to wrap up all the loose ends and get everything polished to the best of my ability for a good release.

I did promise you a cover reveal, so ta-da! The fabulous covers by one of the regular companies I rotate through:

I love the pointy hat on the felines, with just the right tilt to give it that extra witchy feel. I think they came out well and flow great together as a set.

The plan right now is for book 1 is to release in February, followed by book 2 in March, and book 3 in April. Books 2 and 3 will go up on pre-order in February when book 1 launches, so if you devour book 1 you can immediately purchase the rest of the trilogy so you don’t forget to later on.

What’s this series about?

When retail worker Leum tries helping out a friend, she stumbles upon evil magick at work unraveling lives. With the help of some witchy people and a gifted black cat, Leum finds herself in precarious adventures and putting more at risk than she wants. Is Leum willing to pay the price for her adventures? Will she end up losing everything for the sake of nothing or finally find herself? When it comes down to it, can she really trust a black cat?

What’s also in the works?

I’m still writing cat poetry—that’s easy to do here and there since they are short—slowly but surely the pages are growing. I’ve also got most of the quotes and some of the paragraphs written for the next motivational book, but haven’t settled on a way to make it stand out yet. I’m shopping around different artists to see if there’s a style I can use that will help the quotes pop more. I don’t think I am going to do another winged cat book just because color is so expensive; this next one will most likely be black and white.

Other than that I have some other projects in the outlining stages; more on those if they make it to full-fledged projects. Here’s to hopefully creating new stuff for the foreseeable future, and always looking to planning ahead for future projects.

Press on, dear readers.

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