Dream Day: Arachnophobia, anyone?

The dream day saga continues! This dream is from about four years ago. It’s kind of a mini-adventure fighting spiders and shadow people, plus a little blurb of a tag a long dream at the beginning. The writing is a little dated and has been edited for clarity.

            In the first dream, I remember there was a little girl that followed me around and I kept asking her if she was real. The middle section is vague but, in the end, I am dancing with another girl while a crowd watches. We are trying to get invited to a party and the requirement is you have to be able to dance.

            In the second dream, I am at my best friend’s apartment. She is sitting on her blown up bed and I am sitting on the floor. All of a sudden, a huge spider crawls out from under her bed and I scream since I am afraid of spiders. She asks what’s the matter and I see other spiders crawling on the walls. I try to stab a few with my knife, and she gets up and starts yelling at me. I run to her kitchen area with the intent of leaving through the side door but there’s a huge spider over the door. I know that it’s not real while at the same time I know it is real. I cannot see my best friend anymore, so I yell for her to open the door. Nothing happens. I hear laughing behind me and see a bloody shadow leaning against the wall. I run past it and head for the front door, but it’s locked so I call once again for my best friend to unlock it (I still can’t see her) and nothing happens. I realize that the spiders will go away if the shadow dies, so I grab its hair and tilt its head back, exposing the neck. I am surprised by how real the shadow feels. I have my knife to its throat. I close my eyes and say to my best friend to grab my shoulder. I feel the hand. Then I say if I am holding the knife to her throat to pat my shoulder, if I am not then to squeeze my shoulder. She squeezes. I ask her if I am holding the knife to my throat. She again squeezes my shoulder. I ask if I am holding the knife in the air and she pats my shoulder. I prepare to slit the shadow’s throat and realize I can’t do it because it seems so real. I fall back onto the floor with it on top of my stomach, wrap my legs around its shadow arms, and stab it in the chest. The shadow starts to make gasping sounds. I then have the courage to slit its throat and I do. I crawl out from the dead shadow body and realize the spiders are gone. I still can’t see my best friend, so I close my eyes and ask her to unlock the front door. I hear the door open and I open my eyes and walk through to sit on the porch outside. I take a few breaths and suddenly I see my best friend sitting beside me, her eyes very wide.

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