95. Pinterest Galore

So, more on using Pinterest.

I have always been an avid user of Pinterest. I use it all the time to build up my boards for memes and interesting photos to show in my classes. There are soooo many pictures related to science and they definitely pique my students’ interests. Plus how fun is it when you’re learning about the digestive system and you get to show a chart about poop color and consistency for healthiness and diseases (a crappy joke I know)?

My favorite is talking about allergies in my immune overreactions chapter and showing how pollen looks like the death star. The students smile while I talk about allergies making us miserable during pollen season. Another favorite is talking about palindrome sequences in DNA and showing a picture of a cat dressed in a taco outfit (because tacocat is a palindromic sequence).

But I digress.

I also use it to collect quotes, which I sometimes use on this blog, build motivation boards, and also, to link my blog posts to my MGSpear board. I converted my account from a personal to a business (it was free), and hooked up the RSS feed to my website. Now everytime I post a picture on MGSpear, it magically shows up on my Pinterest MGSpear board and starts showing up in searches.

I am still learning on how to use Pinterest to boost website views. I noticed some of my pins were doing way better then others, so I decided to boost them with advertising. I set it to $1 a day for 15 days (as mentioned in a previous post), and just let it run in the background. I got a modest amount of views from those advertisements.

I also enrolled in a free Pinterest course from Moms Make Cents (https://momsmakecents.com/free-pinterest-course/) and it has been very helpful as well. I signed up and got a section of the course delivered to my email each day. Granted, I was busy at the time and didn’t view them when they were sent, but rather watched the sections on the weekends and paused the videos to work on my Pinterest account in another tab. I am still applying what I have learned through the course, but it mentioned a lot of good tips and I would definitely recommend it.

Overall, I would say if your stuff has a visual component, definitely consider turning your Pinterest account into a business one and boost awareness that way.  

Check out my Pinterest account!

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