93. Sheep at work

So my husband came home from a job for a school district with an interesting story a few months ago:

While he was in the main office, a woman walks in with a baby sheep. She checks in with the front office staff, asking if anyone needs help, and the sheep just followed her around like a puppy dog. It had no leash, no collar. Whenever she stopped it would circle around her and dance.

He went over to pet it and it was extremely soft. The woman said the sheep was only ten days old and had to be bottle fed every few hours. My husband thought it would be a good idea to give a chip to the sheep, and it just stared at him, like seriously? I drink milk—what am I going to do with a chip?

Turns out the woman was a vet tech teacher and just needed to keep the sheep close to bottle feed it.

My work story that day was it was jeans day at my school—the teachers got to wear jeans to work, which is only allowed on certain occasions. Couldn’t compete that day story-wise.

Do you have a great work story?

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