86. Consulting Cover Letters

Details matter, especially in job hunting.

Recently I had a client who lost their job and was desperate to find another as soon as possible. I offered my services for cover letters and set up email tracking for them for a few jobs they really wanted to get an interview for.

The way you word your sentences paints a picture, or elicits an emotion for the reader. So when the hiring manager, or their admin assistant, or whoever was designated to read emails related to the position, reads your cover letter you want something to click inside their brain and say, “This person seems like a good fit—I should put them on the list to interview.”

One way I try to accomplish this is through key words from the job application. It was written specifically to attract a certain target audience, so you relay back that you are the target audience, hopefully setting you above someone with lesser experience and qualifications.

Another tool I utilize is looking into the contact person and try to determine how they respond to things. With some good old-fashioned research, I mold my cover letters into something that hopefully resonates with them.

Bottom line, it’s still hit and miss. Nothing is guaranteed. I wrote the best covers letters that fit those jobs, and hopefully they will call the client to interview soon. Fingers crossed!

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