77. Tire Discount Deal

One time my husband found a deal on tires.

He agreed to meet this guy off of Craigslist (when that was popular) after work to make sure the tires were in good condition. He was driving his small VW Jetta that day.

When he arrived, he noticed the guy had more than four tires for sale, and at this point, I am not entirely sure what went on in my husband’s brain. I imagine he got so overjoyed with a great tire deal that superseded all logic of his little Jetta.

He manages to fit six tires in his car, and straps as many as possible to the roof of his vehicle (he found trailer straps in the trunk). Driving away, he heads home and the car won’t go faster than 60 mph, but of course, he goes slower since he is loaded down with tires.

I happened to be home when he pulled up and my jaw dropped. He has eight tires weighing down his car, with straps wrapping around the roof tires and hooking to each other in the inside of his car.

All for some spare tires. What would you do for a steal of a deal?

Thought this might bring a little laughter to your day, dear readers.

P.S. The car might look beat up, but it had over a million miles on it. Now that’s frugal lol.


Photo by MGSpear

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