72. Analogies

I love giving analogies to my students when lecturing. We could be covering a dense topic, and I like to boil it down to a great analogy for better understanding. Sometimes they are practical examples, and sometimes they have dragons in them. I will word it the most effective way I think will reach my students.

Being able to explain something so people can understand is an important skill. Even if you have the best idea in the world, if you can’t adequately explain it then no one is going to pay any attention. People connect with ideas that spark in their minds and weave a path of understanding.

This is why everyone makes pitches for their products. They boil down their idea or product into a condensed message that will hopefully spark comprehension of said idea and intrigue people enough to want to learn more.

People understand what they connect with. It doesn’t matter how technical the topic is, what matters is how well you get your point across.

What do you have trouble explaining to people?


Photo by Skye Studios; Quote paraphrased from A. Einstein

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