69. 88 mph

Photo by Jon Tyson; Back to the Future Quotes added

One of the coolest evenings spent in our current house involved a time machine.

I was off for the summer, and my husband was coming home late from a contract job. On this particular evening, I was sitting outside and drinking tea, enjoying the weather and waiting for him to come home.

Then I get a text.

“You know X house? They have a DeLorean in their driveway—come over here.”

 I walked the ten minutes to get there, and lo and behold, there was the Back to the Future car with the doors up. It was a replica of the time machine from the movie, down to the time machine controls and the flux capacitor.

It was soooo cool.

My husband had knocked on the house door, and the daughter of the neighbor said it belonged to her boyfriend. Apparently, they were alone in the house for a movie date night. She was a little annoyed when my husband asked if he could speak to her boyfriend about looking at the car.

That is how I ended up sitting in a replica time machine a few houses down from my place. And I didn’t even have to get up to 88 miles an hour to see it.

Of course, we went home after and watched Back to the Future.  


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