64. Gotta have the breaks

Photo by Austin Wade; Quote by MGSpear

As I sit here and type it has been raining outside. It is so relaxing to listen to the rain fall and kiss the ground.

I do most of my blog writing on the weekends. I make little notes on my phone notepad throughout the week of ideas to write about, and when I have some down time over the weekend I write in bulk. Occasionally I will write in the evenings after work, just to unwind a little.

The rain is refreshing. Outside my study window our rose garden blooms in different colors (another facet of my husband’s plant obsession).

Sometimes it’s just nice to relax for a moment. No one can push full speed ahead all the time. Take some time for yourself this week, to relax, recover, or just to think through something. People have literally worked themselves into panic attacks and hospitalization—it is definitely important to stop and smell the roses every once in a while.

For the rest of today I am planning on cooking fish (my oven skills have vastly improved over the years) and watch some television with my husband before getting ready for work tomorrow.

Even if you are at work and everything is hectic, remember this is your life, and you can darn sure take a moment, or a breath, to gather yourself and relax—because you are worth it.

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