62. Memes

Photo by Ian Schneider; Quote found on Pinterest

I like to include memes in the lectures I give.

Covering DNA replication? Got a meme.

Going over lab techniques? Have a meme for that.

What about the urinary system? I’ve got that squared away too.

Memes make everybody laugh, and I try to incorporate that into my lectures. Some of the stuff I cover is tedious and mundane, so I try to lighten it up with memes and stories I have gathered over the years.

Sometimes my stories are exaggerated to get a point across, and may include dragons, Big Foot, or growing wings. I like to be as memorable as possible, so when my students walk out of my class for the last time, they hopefully take a piece of what I taught with them. My students may think I am quirky but I do it for a reason.

Stand out in a good way, whatever you are trying to accomplish. If you are writing a book, put a twist on your advertising to get people to think—that looks interesting, I’m going to buy it! If you are trying to get it in good with the boss, pay attention in meetings and ask pertinent questions (which works some of the time—every boss is different). If you are trying to succeed in a field, do something that makes you unique, and lets other people see that you are different, and different is quality.

Be memorable, dear readers. Some of the best things in life are.

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