60. When the car makes weather

Photo by Chuttersnap Gts; Quote found on Pinterest

My husband has this love for diesel cars, especially manuals. He loves the extended fuel mileage he gets, which is important because his business takes him all over creation in his car.

He is a big car person. He maintains our vehicles to a fault, and some have a ridiculous amount of miles on them.

But sometimes, he lets an issue drag on, and doesn’t get to it right away because it doesn’t affect him.

One weekend, we were taking our backup car into town to put some miles on it while running errands, and he left the air conditioner on 2 (it goes from 1 to 4, 4 being the max). This worked for me because I get cold easily and didn’t want it blowing full force.

About fifteen minutes later it got really cold in the car, and—I kid you not—snow started coming out of the vents.

My husband, who likes it cold, was laughing, and I was busy putting my jacket on so I didn’t freeze.

Apparently, at low settings below 3, the coil freezes up and becomes an ice block.

I gave my husband dagger eyes until he turned off the air conditioning and allowed the block to thaw. Eventually it got down to normal temperature.

Sometimes something looks good but it isn’t. Watch out for picture-perfect deals and people—sometimes there is a catch. Experience helps a lot with this—now, for example, the air conditioning stays off if it is cold outside when we drive it, even if my husband wants it colder.

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