58. Thanksgiving recap

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez; Quote by MGSpear

Since my husband’s main job is with an ISD, sometimes he gets school holidays off, like this past Thanksgiving week. I had the week off too, and we grazed on our Thanksgiving dinner on different days: we had an awesome recipe for bacon wrapped green beans that we made during the beginning of the week; the cornbread dish ran out on Thursday afternoon; we started in on the ham and mashed potatoes on Friday; and we ended the week’s course by adding dinner rolls to our meals on the weekend.

We also saw family and friends here and there throughout the week too, and basically just took it easy. We did our Black Friday shopping on Wednesday night so we wouldn’t be caught in the turmoil.

Now we are back in action at our jobs, bringing leftovers to work, and looking forward to the next holiday break.

I am thankful for a lot of things, and I hope your holiday was filled with good traditions and things to be thankful for as well.

And now onwards to Christmas break, dear readers.

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