56. The future

Photo by Jill Heyer; Quote paraphrased from Muhammad Ali

I still remember a time when the Internet wasn’t around. When I had to look stuff up in the encyclopedia collection whenever curiosity aroused.

The Internet is such a great tool. I can blow through ideas with key word searches and informative blogs and articles, and come to answers a lot quicker.

I was thinking the other day, with all this access to so much knowledge, what will be the next big discovery? Will someone put pieces together of an impossible topic discussed across the Internet, see the connections, and wow the world with their discovery?

We may not have flying cars yet or be able to teleport, but the Internet is a great invention that makes the world smaller. And who knows? Maybe it will lead to flying cars in the next 100 years.

What do you think will be invented in 100 years? Do you think you will be around using anti-ageing technology? Do you think telepathy will be a thing? Do you think bell-bottoms will be back in style?

On another note, today is Thanksgiving. While thinking about the future it is important to also not forget about the things you do have in your life that bring you joy, whether it be relationships, quiet moments, time with friends and/or family, or even listening to some great music. Be grateful for what is here now, because you never know how long it will last.

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