49. Keeping everything in line

Photo by Alice Achterhof; Quote by MGSpear

Staying on top of things is important, and it keeps you from feeling overwhelmed later on.

For example, this summer I hashed out my outline schedule for what the first few months of school would be. So when I went back, I knew what papers to pull, and what things to copy. That way, I am all ready for the first day.

At the beginning of each week, I take a sticky note (one of the best inventions ever!) and make a list of things that have to get accomplished that week. I then cross them off as they get completed, and I get a little rush of satisfaction (it really is the little things you have to appreciate).

When I don’t plan ahead, I feel rushed and overwhelmed, and more stressed than I normally am. Usually, I will also burn out quicker.

With any job, business, or task, it’s important to know what you are getting into. Some people can just wing it, but I prefer to have an outline and then wing what doesn’t work.

How do you handle everything you need to accomplish?

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