47. Helping hand

Photo by Erik Jan Leusink; Quote found on Pinterest

I recently had a consultation with someone to help them with business cards. Okay, they were making cards to hand out as a wedding reminder, but they wanted it done using a business card. I helped them through the process, and by the end of the night the client got the result that they wanted.

It is an awesome feeling to help someone reach a goal. I chase that passion everywhere: when I teach, when meeting people, and especially in consultations and helping other entrepreneurs and small businesses grow. You just never know how far someone can get with the right instructions. Not to say I have all the answers—sometimes I make mistakes or wrong turns in my business—but I can pass on what I have learned so that others don’t fall into similar traps, or show approaches that are more efficient than what’s mainstream.  

What do you chase in your careers? What passions are driving your choices?

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