41. The whole story behind the quest of the dehumidifiers

Photo by Joao Silas; Quote found on Pinterest

Okay, the real story behind the three dehumidifiers mentioned in the previous post: this summer we got a lot of rain, making it humid outside the house, and that humidity built up all inside the house as well.

And that humidity attracted tons and tons of centipedes. They covered the porches, coated the garage door, and also came inside. I can’t tell you how many centipedes we killed, squishing them on the floor. I put insect control at the base of all the doors, and they still came in. The cats thought it was all hilarious and just watched the centipedes crawl across the floor—they ate everything else that came into the house except those; our felines were like “meh.”

Then they started invading our master bathroom: they were crawling across our bedroom carpet to get in there, and we walk barefoot in the bedroom a lot. That’s when my husband determined in order to drive the centipedes from the house, we would need dehumidifiers to get rid of the moist environment they were being drawn too. And it took three to get them to stop coming inside.

I didn’t really think it was all going to work, and I was not happy having to spend hours in the attic during the summer (it was still soooo hot when we did it at night), but in the end he prevailed. I made sure to congratulate him on his success and a job well done, because I think it’s important to show respect for projects that work.

We did not have any centipede issues after that.  

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