38. Forgetfulness

Photo by Kelly Sikkema; Quote by MGSpear

Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you went in there? It could have been super important, but for some reason just slipped your mind.

I absolutely hate it when that happens.

The same thing happens to me if I don’t write something down. I might think in the moment, “I will remember that,” and then I promptly forget it when I need that information. This is why I write down everything about my experiments; blog ideas; what aisle something was on at a craft show—anything I might want to remember.

For my experiments, one of the great things about writing stuff down is that when you go back to previous entries, sometimes you see something you missed, or wonder why X wasn’t obvious to you at that moment in time. Some of my early experiments aren’t the most comprehensive, but I’ve built on the knowledge gained and now, at least I would like to think, I perform more advanced experiments.

For my blog ideas, the craziest thing might have happened, and by the time the work week has exacted it’s toll some of the details may be blurred. So when that crazy thing happens, I jot a note in my phone about some of the key details, and it all usually comes back to me.

What do you keep track of? Do you think the world would be better off or worse if everyone remembered everything?

What was your name again?


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