25. Feedback

Photo by Neven Krcmarek; Quote found on Pinterest

Feedback is always appreciated. When I get criticism or evaluated, I always look at it as a chance to improve. I may not have the same opinions as the criticizer, but I will look into whatever the complaint is about.

Now, if you totally snub your nose at my stuff without having even looked at it, or just want to start an argument, I might take offense. I once was studying for a graduate school entrance exam and a teacher walked by, saw that I was doing math, and told me in front of other students that I should be more advanced than looking at geometry. She just glanced at one section, thought it was too mundane, and voiced her opinion without gathering more data.

So let’s amend this a little: feedback is appreciated when done in a nice, non-condescending manner, and you have actually looked at their stuff.

Bottom line: accept feedback graciously and adjust things if you want to. You can’t please everybody, but the more pleasing your stuff is, the more customers you might get.

So tell me, dear readers, what constructive feedback have you been given over the years that has helped you the most?

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