24. This too shall pass

Photo by Darius Bashar; Quote found on Pinterest

Last month I sat down at my computer to do some marketing for http://www.BlackCatScribbles.com, and I had my breakfast shake with me. It was left over from the previous school year, but I had been having a shake occasionally from my leftover stash so I could concentrate on getting stuff done.

On this particular day nothing was out of the ordinary: I woke up feeling refreshed, did my usual morning stuff, and made my way to the computer. I would work for a few hours, then go pick fruit from my husband’s fruit trees.

I open my shake to take a sip

                                                           and was immediately greeted by solidified liquid.

I almost threw up.

Quickly leaving the study, I made it to the kitchen sink and rinsed my mouth out multiple times with water. After that stale, expired taste left my mouth, I settled on some oatmeal for breakfast instead.

Sometimes, things look okay and they are not okay.

Not everything presented to you, whether personal, business, or just random ideas, will be the best to pursue. Always take everything with a grain of salt, weigh the options, and decide on what’s best for you. I try to wait at least a day before deciding something, and I also try to never make any major decisions when I feel bad. If it doesn’t have to be decided right then and there, it won’t kill you to wait at least a few hours. Then after the emotional strings of that decision option have faded a little, you can decide whether or not to pursue with a more rational mindset.

As for me, I decided to not immediately throw away all the shakes I had left, and waited until the next day to check the expiration dates on the remaining ones. And you know what—there was one or two left that I could still drink.

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