18. Falling down and getting back up

You know how everybody tells you to cheer up when your down? They say stuff like, “Everything will work out,” or “Just don’t worry about it.”

Well, truth be told: I believe it’s okay to feel down sometimes. Sometimes things don’t work out and it’s okay to be bummed about it—it’s a natural reaction. What’s not okay is to let it drag you down so low that you quit your job and spend the next 3 months doing nothing but eating potato chips on the couch all day long.

Not only is this not healthy, it’s counterproductive. Take some time to be down about whatever happened, then get back up. Keep fighting. Didn’t get hired? There are sooo many other companies out there. Didn’t land that big sale you were counting on? Maybe there is a bigger fish swimming your way.

I came up with a new prototype for Teazzed recently, and my partner immediately shot it down. Just flat out said it won’t work. We had a discussion about it, and I got bummed that he wasn’t on board and didn’t see any potential. So I moped about it for a couple hours, then he reminded me about all the other leads we had going on, and eventually I decided to focus on those while taking the prototype back to the drawing board.

Not everything is a win; not everything is gold (though if you have the golden touch—email me immediately). Just because you come up with an idea or strategy or some other thing you think is awesome does not mean it will change the world. Take everything in stride. Homeostasis.

But who knows? Maybe I can get this prototype to work and something will come from it. If not, it’s just another concept I get to learn from.

Stay tuned, dear readers.

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