13. Pivoting

Photo by Clever Visuals; quote by Marilyn Monroe

Planning ahead is essential, especially in business. Strategy needs to be worked out; goals need to be set; motivation to keep going when you feel burnt out needs to be in place so you have something to lean on.

I like to think of planning ahead as a chess game: there are so many paths you can take, so you strategize for the one that might work best. When it doesn’t work, you change approaches, or pivot: adopt a new strategy to get you to your goal.

Pivoting is important, and it isn’t always used in business. If you had plans with your best friend in the afternoon, but they call to say that time/day won’t work out for them after all, you pivot and see what other times/days are available. If a lesson plan goes awry, you pivot and come up with some alternatives.

Nothing is set in stone—pivot until it works.

One of my recent pivots: I have enjoyed writing this blog so much that I decided to get back into writing. I am in the process of completing and publishing my next book, a horror story collection. So who knows, perhaps future readers will be reading this post because they found out about my book and decided to start following my blog.

Lol, welcome!

This is all, of course, between experiments, and work, and anything else that pops up. I’m busy; you’re busy; everyone is busy.

What is one pivot you’ve encountered recently in your life?


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